MNA Executive Board Minutes

June 4, 2019

A meeting of the Executive Board of the Maplecrest Neighborhood Association was held on June 4, 2019.  Officers present were Jeanine Huber, President; Marie Anderson, treasurer; Secretary, Barbara Edwards, At Large members Kinley Winchester, Kevin Edwards and Dennis Shipp.

Items discussed:

  • Banking: Capital Bank has recently been bought by 1st Tennessee Bank.  There has been some problem getting old officers names off the account and adding new treasurer, Marie to the account.  This has been resolved.  MNA has asked to receive electronic statements in order to save the monthly $5 charge for paper statements.  There is still a monthly charge to have a business account.  Dennis Shipp is going to contact Sun Trust, and possibly other banks, to see if these monthly fees could be waived.
  • Maplecrest Neighborhood Association Website. The website: is now live, though not fully functional.  Kinley Winchester is going to meet with Lucas Leigh to get administrator status.  He may need help with building parts of the site and with upkeep of the sight.
  • Traffic calming: Our traffic calming application was denied by Metro for the January application period.  Metro is now taking applications for the July-December period and MNA plans to resubmit our application.  While the sidewalk project is nearing completion, there are still concerns about speeding on Maplecrest Drive, Selma Drive, and Revere Place.
  • Neighborhood Watch: Jeanine met with Sargent White of Metro PD.  Sargent White made it clear that any neighborhood watch program is a volunteer group totally separate from a neighborhood association.  Penny Van Kuren is currently in charge of the Neighborhood Watch.  Sargent White made it clear that it would take at least 50 dedicated volunteers to effectively carry out a neighborhood watch program.  Metro Police Department trains Neighborhood Watch volunteers.
  • The Board discussed First Lady Lee’s Tennessee Serves project. This community service project is aimed at school children to get them and their parents interested in volunteering in different ways in communities across the state.  We will add a link to the site on the Maplecrest website.
  • By-Laws: A committee was appointed to review/revise the MNA By-laws.  This committee will be chaired by Dennis Shipp.  Kinley Winchester and Kevin Edwards will also serve.  Recommendations for revision/change will be brought before the membership at a meeting in the fall.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Edwards,