At the MNA membership meeting in April, the Maplecrest neighborhood voted “no” on Aerial’s plan to rezone vacant land on Selma from its current RS20 zoning (20,000 sq. ft lots) to SP District in order to build 10 homes on lots much smaller than 20,000 sq. ft. After the meeting, our Council Member, Jeff Syracuse, communicated the neighborhood’s vote to Aerial.

A couple of weeks ago, the developer filed with Metro’s Planning Department an application and concept plan to build a cluster lot subdivision of 10 homes on the land with a public street connecting to Selma at the bottom of the “S” curve. The Metro Planning Department case number for the application and concept plan is 2019S-134-001. The case is currently set for public hearing before the Metro Planning Commission on August 22, 2019, but that date may change.

The MNA Board has met twice about this, once with Jeff Syracuse. In the coming few weeks, the Metro Planning Department, Metro Stormwater, Metro Public Works and Metro Codes will review the developer’s submission. The Planning Department will then make a decision whether to recommend approval of the subdivision plan to the Metro Planning Commission. Aerial is not required to present this plan to the Metro Council because it does not require a zoning change. If the Metro Planning Commission ultimately approves the concept plan, the developer can proceed to build.

The MNA Board members want you to know that they are staying well informed during this process and will let you know more as we learn more. If you wish to be involved, please put August 22 on your calendar right now. Stay tuned for further updates and information on ways you can support the neighborhood during this process. Many of you are very busy with work and family obligations, but if and when this case goes to a public hearing, we need as many Maplecrest neighbors as possible to attend the hearing with the MNA Board to show support for our neighborhood on these issues.