Maplecrest Neighborhood Association will elect Officers and Board Members in April 2020.  This is your opportunity to volunteer to lead and strengthen your community during a critical time.

Election Online.   Due to social distancing restrictions caused by Covid-19, MNA will hold the election online through the MNA website,, from April 14 through April 16, 2020.  During this period, you may cast an anonymous vote at your convenience.  Security measures will assure one vote per person.  Those elected will be announced on April 17, 2020.

Open MNA Officer and Board Positions.  The following seven MNA Officer and Board positions are open and will be filled in April:

  • President (two-year term)
  • Vice President (one-year term; this two-year position was not filled in 2019)
  • Secretary (two-year term)
  • Four Board Members (all four are one-year terms).

Nominations Due by Friday, April 3rd.  You may nominate yourself or a Maplecrest neighbor to run for office.  If you nominate someone other than yourself, MNA will contact that person to determine his or her interest in running for office.  Send nominations to:  MNA President Jeannine Huber at or through Facebook Messenger no later than Friday, April 3rd.   

Between April 4th and 13th, nominees may post information about themselves and why they should be elected to a position.  Nominees may send information for posting to Jeannine Huber at  Current officers and board members are eligible to run for reelection.

MNA Dues Waived.  MNA ordinarily requires members and candidates to pay annual dues of $15 per person to be eligible to vote in the election or run for office.  Because of the extraordinary circumstances of the March 3 tornado followed by the Covid-19 crisis, the current MNA Board voted to waive payment of 2020 dues at this time.   If you reside in Maplecrest, you are eligible to vote or run for office in the 2020 election only.  Should conditions later improve substantially, the MNA Officers and Board Members who are elected in April may decide to collect dues or partial dues.

Voluntary Payment of Dues.   If you wish to support MNA by paying 2020 dues voluntarily, you may mail your check to MNA Treasurer, Marie Anderson, 2312 Castlewood Drive, Nashville, TN 37214 or contact Marie at (615) 944-5104 to arrange payment through PayPal.  You may also drop cash or a check at Marie’s front door, but please call her first so she is aware you are doing so.

Alternative Voting If No Internet Access.  If you or a Maplecrest neighbor you know wishes to vote in the election but does not have internet access to participate in the online election, please contact Jeannine Huber at or through Facebook Messenger so an alternative voting arrangement can be made.